BBQs 2U – Your One-Stop Store to Buy Gozney Pizza Oven and Accessories

BBQs 2U has always been affiliated with dependable barbecue brands like Kamado Joe BBQs, Napoleon BBQs, Blackstone Griddles, Masterbuilt BBQs, etc.

Also, they make sure all the brands that they stock and sell provide top-notch after-sales support to their customers.

Keeping this in mind, you can understand why they only sell products of just a few brands, while there are countless in the market.

Furthermore, along with barbecues and grills, BBQs 2U even have rubs, sauces, and additional barbecue and outdoor pizza oven accessories in their inventory. They simply love the idea of outdoor cooking, as well as want their customers to enjoy it just as much.

Recently, they added the portable Gozney Pizza Ovens to their inventory. These ovens are truly versatile and just unbeatable when it comes to making restaurant-grade pizzas.

Besides, the additional accessories designed by Gozney are outstanding as well. Their recently launched Dome Pizza Oven is extremely in trend and so are its specific accessories. One of the most purchased accessories is the Gozney Dome Mantel.

Gozney Dome Mantel is a high-pressure die-cast Aluminum, ceramic-coated accessory, specially designed to fit with the Dome Oven.

It can be easily bolted with the oven and can be used as an additional space that helps in turning, checking, and greasing the food items in the oven.

Its 53.9 cm width and 8.2 cm depth provide you sufficient space to even rest your food if you intend to keep it warm. In simple words, it is like an extension of the oven and is designed for convenience.

Along with the Gozney Dome Mantel, one more accessory worth considering is the Dome Stand.

You can place and use the Gozney Dome Oven over a kitchen countertop, but if you wish to travel with it, the stand will provide you with a perfect space to place it. Also, the stand comes with wheels, and this makes it easier to move it around.

Other accessories like the dough cutter, dough scrapper, dome wood rack, dome wood loader, dome steam injector, etc. are also worth buying for sure.

The quality of the Dome pizza oven, as well as all its accessories, is the same – top-grade. The oven as well as the accessories are engineered to last for years.

In addition, to protect your Dome Oven when it is not in use, the company has even designed a Dome Pizza Cover. It fits perfectly with the dome shape of the oven, and will protect it from any and every element.

As far as the warranty of the Dome pizza oven is concerned, it comes with a standard 1-year warranty.

However, if you register it within 60 days of purchase, you get the benefit of an extended 5-year warranty. Now, this proves how much the brand trusts its quality.

So, whether it is about buying the Gozney Dome Pizza Oven or accessories like Gozney Dome Mantel, BBQs 2U is surely your one-stop store.

You can even check out product and accessories-related videos on their YouTube channel for further info.

Lastly, follow them on social media platforms to get updates concerning their upcoming offers.