All About Planning A Destination Wedding In Cancun Without Breaking The Bank

Planning a destination wedding is probably one of the most exciting things that you can ever do. You both have plans of your own and are surely wishing that every guest will enjoy their time at the wedding. While you can enjoy the planning period to the fullest, it is best if you give due consideration to the budget as well. Yes, this may sound like something you don’t want to give due importance to, but remember the budget of a destination Cancun wedding is not something you want to underestimate.

Besides, most couples find their budgets insufficient to host a wedding of their dreams. Also, plenty of times couples end up going over the budget because of falling in love with items that are crazy expensive. So, it is best if you discuss your budget in advance and plan things keeping it in mind.

One more thing you can do to plan a Cancun wedding on a budget is to hire a reliable and experienced wedding planner like Riviera Cancun Weddings. They have organized plenty of Cancun weddings and thus have multiple wedding packages ready to offer you. However, you can always discuss the details of your wedding, number of guests, menu, etc., and ask them to customize a plan in your budget.

Additional tips to plan a Cancun wedding on budget

1. Plan a wedding in the off-season

Cancun is a famous tourist destination in Mexico. Every year thousands of tourists visit Cancun to enjoy its beautiful white sand beaches and excellent cuisines. Now, if you are planning a wedding during peak tourist season, be rest assured that everything will be super expensive, this includes – flight fares, accommodation, food expenses, and mostly everything else. So, have an open mind when you are selecting a date.

2. Get officially married before reaching Cancun

Well, every country and city has its own set of legalities to follow when it comes to obtaining a marriage license. So, it will be better if you save on the expenses of these legal formalities. Besides, imagine if you have to travel long distances and even stay overnight at a different location to access government offices. This will add to your total wedding budget.

3. Invited limited guests

If you are on a budget, it is not advisable to have hundreds of guests on your list. Instead, plan a more intimate and romantic wedding by just inviting the people that matter.

4. Avoid giving expensive welcome gifts

Surely, as a good host, you will be obliged to give some welcome gifts to your guests. However, what you choose to give can affect your budget. So, instead of buying expensive items, choose to give a welcome gift consisting of consumable items. These items will prove to be less expensive, as well as you will receive appreciation.

5. Work with local vendors

If you are working with a local wedding planner, they will ensure everything is acquired locally. Local vendors know the ins and outs of everything in their city and thus can offer you products and services as per your budget.

Well, there you go. Keep the points mentioned above in mind and you will never go out of budget. Also, don’t forget to check out the Pinterest page of Riviera Cancun Weddings to get an idea of how well they plan everything.