A Light Brush-Up On The Historical Significance of Stonehenge Monument

A Light Brush-Up On The Historical Significance of Stonehenge Monument

Stonehenge in the UK is one of the famous prehistoric monuments that are located worldwide. The stones are designed like they are manmade, in a circular shape. This is not true as the discovery of these stones dates back to 5000 years. Some believe that these stones were erected somewhere in 2500 BC in the Neolithic period. No matter what the time of the prehistoric year, UNESCO has declared this place as one of the most precious historic monuments in the world.

Stonehenge is believed to have come into existence anytime between 8500 to 7000 BC years. The first appearance was four to five pits that were in the shape of the totems. Three of these pits resembled that of the large-shaped totems. You can learn everything about these wonderful rocks by visiting the official webpage

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The southern part of England was mostly covered by woodland. However, a certain part of this woodland was the chalk download area and this part was an unusual part of the whole landscape. This unusually open land amidst the woodland was believed to be the foundation of the erection of this historical monument in this place.

This is the place that holds much importance in the historical era because this is the place where Robin Hood’s ball enclosure was organised. The rectangular earthworks or the two curses monuments are the rarely found causewayed enclosures and they are found here. The possibility of emergence of these stones might be more than 3500 BCs old.

The estimated time for the erection of the stone walls in this place is believed to be more than 1500 years. The total layout of the stones is more than 100s and all the stones are standing in the upright position. The astonishing fact about these stones is that they are placed in a circular layout and look like they are just standing on the ground just like that.

Ancient Beliefs

The Scholars of the ancient eras believe that these stones represent the burial ground of the Neolithic Era. Even though the purpose of these stones is not yet discovered, scholars even believe that these stones are the representation of the modern technology that flourished during the time these stones came to be.

The stone slabs in this place are made of two kinds of materials. One is that the outer ring is made of sandstone, and the second one is that the inner stones are made of bluestone. The origin of the outer stones is from the local quarries.

One of the astonishing facts about these stones is that the inner bluestone material of these stones is nowhere from the local lands and originates in a place that is almost 200 miles away from the location.

In the 19th century, the stonewalls of this place were declared one of the historical monuments by UNESCO. Much research is still going on to understand the origin and also the right age of these stones, along with their significance and the shape in which they are found.

The stones have many carvings on them representing the eras that flourished around them. You can find the designs of some daggers, axe heads, and many such on them.