3 Things to Do When Visiting Jindabyne

Jindabyne is a picturesque gateway to an Australian alpine paradise in the heart of the Snowy Mountains region. As you step into this captivating town, you are instantly met with a gorgeous backdrop of the great Snowy Mountains,offeringmany unforgettable experiences for those seeking adventure, relaxation, and connection with the great outdoors.

Jindabyne’s allure goes beyond its stunning landscapes. When booking accommodation near Jindabyne, the town welcomes you with open arms, introducing you to various activities ideal for both summer and winter lovers.

In this guide, we’ll take you on a tour of the three must-do activities and where to book Jindabyne apartments.

  1. Jindabyne Lake

One of the most popular destinations in the region is Jindabyne Lake. You can’t say you have fully explored the town without dipping here.

During warmer periods in Jindabyne Lake, you can try windsurfing and sailing. If you do not wish to dive into its waters, you can always bring a liloto lounge as you float peacefully.

The shore around Jindabyne Lake is primarily flat and filled with birdlife. You can enjoy a 7km walk, following a path decorated with sculptures, monuments, and artworks depicting the tales of the Snowy Mountain Scheme.

  1. Wild Brumby Distillery

Are you interested in taking a little drink? Why not try some of the finest gin and schnapps in Wild Brumby Distillery?

Wild Brumby Distillery is an award-winning distillery famous for its variousschnapps made with local Aussie fruits. The setting is charming and atmospheric; you can hang out and have outdoor coffeeon the terrace or enjoy lunch inside their restaurant.

The Wild Brumby Distillery also lets you take a pick-up bottle home as a souvenir.

  1. Mount Kosciuszko

Hiking one of the highest summits in Australia should be a part of your Jindabyne travel plans. When you visit the Snowy Mountains in the warmer months, you have the opportunity to reach the top.

There are many paths you can take to get to the peak. The Main Range Circuit features a 24.7km walk that will take you to the Blue Lakes side trail, Carruthers Peak, and Albina Lake.

Choosing Accommodation Near Jindabyne

To fully enjoy your trip to the beautiful town of Jindabyne, it is essential to book the best lodging. If you are unsure where to fund the ideal accommodation to complete your journey, we recommend browsing a wide range of options at Snowy Mountains Accommodation.

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