Beautiful London Landmarks That You Cannot Miss When In This Beautiful City

Known as the beautiful capital city of the UK, London is listed as one of the top 5 most preferred places to visit around the globe.

Apart from being the most beautiful city, London is also famous for its vibrant, dynamic, modern, cosmopolitan, and historic place in the UK.

Only by Land is a blog page offering complete information about everything to do in London. The blog page details all the must-visit places, including what not to miss.

Check the details about the London landmarks by visiting the blog page, and also about the things to do in each place in London.

Places Not to Miss 

Here are some places that you can never forget visiting when in London, the beautiful city in the UK.

·       Buckingham Palace 

This palace is famous as one of the UK’s historic landmarks and the residence of the British Royal family. It is located in BETWEEN Trafalgar Square and Hyde Park.

·       Windsor Castle 

This castle is where Her Majesty the Queen prefers residing in all her special weekends. This place has a history of more than 900 years and has many beautiful rooms and works of art.

·       Big Ben and Parliament House 

London is the house of many wonderful things, including the Big Ben and Parliament house. With proper pre-booking procedures, you can visit this parliament house and tour the place fully.

The Big Ben is another attraction in London. This tower is the biggest clock tower in London and can be the best viewpoint of London. Many visitors prefer visiting Big Ben to capture many beautiful pictures of London.

·       Westminster Palace 

This palace is located on the banks of the River Thames. This place offers a beautiful view of many landmarks in London, including the wonderful places to capture some beautiful pictures.

·       London Tower 

Also considered as the beautiful diamonds in London, this tower is an iconic landmark. Historical pages have shed light on the fact that this was the tower where the torturing and death sentences of the prisoners happened during the ancient days.

·       10 Downing Street 

This street is the place that is located a few minutes away from the Parliament House. It is also known as the house of the Prime Minister of the UK. Unlike the palaces in London, you cannot visit this place or even click some pictures of it due to some security protocol.

·       Westminster Abbey 

This abbey is one of London’s many beautiful landmarks a few minutes away from Big Ben. This abbey was built in the Gothic style and is considered a heritage site by UNESCO.

·       St. Paul’s Cathedral 

With a history of over 1500 years, this cathedral is one of London’s many historical landmarks. Its stunning dome, cruciform structure, and other such beautiful factors have made it one of the most visited destinations in London.

You can make a list of many such beautiful places in London. Learn about them by checking many search tools and blogs, and make the most of your visit to London.